Run-D.M.C. - Take the Money and Run

feat. Everlast

Let me tell you bout what I love in Gina
Love is like no other couldn't get in between her
Always stayed fly man I wished that you seen her
Said they had a scheme but nobody believed her
No real job cause she stay in the streets
Gina did nails but her love made beats
When they wanna eat they just walked in the store
They took what they wanted man the illest you saw
Til one day they went up kindin fiendin with ice
Butter like(?) the jeans and Gina said "The rings are nice"
Next thing you know they wanna pull off a heist
Shook took a look and shot the jeweler twice
Diamonds all shinin as they flew in the air
Butter actin up and grabbin stuff by the pair
Gina at the door cause she good with the gun
They both grabbed the money and run

[Chorus: Everlast]
C'mon, take the money and run {*v/ scratched: "Run"*}
C'mon, take the money and run {*v/ scratched: "Run"*}...(more)

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