Rock - What Y'all Fiend For

(Rock talking)
I'm burying niggas up in this bitch.
I see you niggas son. I see you. I know what y'all niggas want.
I KNOW what y'all niggas want! This is what it's come down to.
All the motherfucking players, they done ran over
to the dark side and shit. Everybody hard again.
These players wanna be gangstas now, and everybody and they mother
nd they 3 year old son wanna be a rapper now.
This shit is crazy. There's an old saying -
in the land of the blind, the man who has one eye is king -
and I got one eye.

Say it's not so
Rocko got a fro
Don't get mad, you ain't get mad when Puffy let the Lox go
New improved Rocko
The fix is up you dig?
And you gon' hate to hate me, that means you love me kid
What it is
A nigga you ain't seen in a while
We been out, doing shit rappers be dreamin about
That crime shit, talk about, but really shook about
Since you last seen me, three times I've been in Brooklyn House
But finally, the crook is out, and this time it's for good
Well, you can never really tell it's forever drama in the hood
But y'all some good damn good actors
Had the whole world convinced that you're really a bunch of hardcore rappers
But you asked for it- Who want beef? Well here's war!
Flip Rock around, Hard Rock, and spell hardcore
Want more? If I sound gassed, pardon me y'all
But I must say, I'm the shit that y'all be stompin for
You don't believe me?

The piece on your chain says hide
And a special bling bling for those rings you got
What them niggas ????? since 85'
In the same hood, if not the same ass block
Yo, I know what shorties like
Sometimes they like it in the morning, cuz they joint be light
You got a drinky drink?...(more)

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