Ras Kass - Marinatin'

We Could marinate, get nice and and stack riches
(But it's B.Y.O.B.) Bring your own bud, brew, and bitches
Ain't no set trippin', actin' ill and don't steal, for real
(You got's to chill)

Verse 1:
I woke up in my Tommy Hilfigures boxers at 10 from a knock at the door
But why they at my door for?
Oh! My peep's they got a half gallon, smilin'
My talons totalled ten one empty round from putting it down
But now, my day is starting off Coca Cola and Remy Martin
Some of the homeys from L.A. and Carson want to throw a private party today
Threw on some Gautier and my Rolex link dressed to kill like Bernard Getts
My squad flex like Lee Haney, so its best I keeps myself on house arrest
Cause you never know, maybe they might wind up at 429 Bauchet
Locked away, plus can't keep the boody calls waiting
I'm marinatin'


Dialed up some micehead to see what's crackin' tonight
She said she just broke up with her man
And since she free like Mnadela, she bringina box of Philly pantellas
Acapells, I game like Lou Panella made sure to tell...(more)

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