Ranjahz - Masaqua Muzik

[Intro: sample (Raekwon)]
Wanna fuck with me? (Let's go, let's go, yo
Got my brother Cee Allah in here, no doubt, no doubt
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yo, aiyo, let's do it Lord)

It goe live from the jump off, I dump off shells
Drink liquor so pure, you get drunk off smells
Dog, I ain't rappin' to fail
I'm tryin to stash mil', so I can have money for bail
So when you actin' out of pocket, I blast rockets
Just coke, weight it up, cook it, cut it, chop it
Bag a ho, take her home, gut it, drop it
Give it six months, Ranjahz floodin' the market
With, thugs and thieves and, that come out in the evening
And sleep all day, it's the Brooklyn way
When we cop new cars, just to build new stashes
Fuck menopause, my guns give you hot flashes
Wais, I put a rapper corks in the hole
And tattoo my skin, cuz it's only close for the soul
Bitch nigga, get you knowin' role
Hop you dancin' ass on stage, get to knowin' a pro
I flow lithium, and rap vikadin, every verse is a classic
It don't even make no sense bitin' them
Two ten, it don't make no sense fightin' 'em
We hate you, it don't make no sense likin' them

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