Rah Digga - I'm leavin'

Is it, I loose my cool, every once in a blue moon
Leave a girl stranded in a hotel room
Cuz ain't nothin' worse then flirtin' and teasin'
Trynna lift the skirt (I'm a virgin) I'm leavin'
You a virgin? You know you do this often
You're thing is so deep you can drown a school of dogs in
It's like every M.C., she done did it
Redman tapped, Lil' Weezy done hit it
Even them Boys from the Beastie done did it
Lil' Cease and R&B singers split it
Rumor has it from word of mouth
That ya thing's more dirtier than the dirty south
And I keep model chicks screamin' out, he a dog
Bust his ears hard, now she look like Nia Long
So, cute girls come jump in my ride
And all you buffalo gals go round the outside

I'm leavin, I think I'll take a plane
It's still the same, and nothing's ever changed
Sorry, beggin' you, I'll blow the range
Since we be owed to you, was actin' strange
I, never thought that I
Could ever be wit such a guy who'd only cheat and lie

She fell in love wit a star, the life, the car
The "HUH, HUH, HAH!!"
Open like what wit a butt like Kim
When I seen it, it made me wanna nut right then
Yo, we got fly, we talked, she stopped bye
Lit the choc' lye, and passed it clockwise
Let me knock the boots, til I was cock-eyed
And now she trynna act like she ain't got time
I told her, think of this before you try to be foul
There's ladies...(more)

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