Quint Black - Let My Nuts Go

[Too $hort]
You couldn't be a better playa than me
Even if you fucked every day of the week
I know you think you got it like ?
I be fuckin' hoes every day of the week
You never could be a better playa than me
Even if you rolled in luxery
I know you sport-coatin' that top knotch freak
You never could be a better playa than me
When I first got to the club it was cool to fuck
Walked passed these hoes and they looked me up and back down again
Recognize a pimp
Next thing I know, I'm tellin' lies again
Sellin' dreams to hoes from everything I know
Grab the microphone then I spit these flows
I came in this muthafucka with my niggaz
I plan on leavin' here with yo bitches
Anybody feel they got a problem with that
You need to take off yo pimp hat nigga
And get the fuck out my way
Cause I don't fuck with scrubs on any day
I can't buy her no drink, she can't ride with me
I don't know her and she can't stand beside me
But yo bitch, I might fuck her
Just because I know you's a sucker

Let my nuts go - bitch
Let my nuts go
Let my nuts go - bitch
Do you like the way they swang
Let my nuts go - bitch
Let my nuts go
Let my nuts go - bitch you keep rappin' in my ear and got me mad as hell

Let me hit that weed, ? what you drinkin'
6 months ago, hoe yo ass wasn't speakin'
Now I see yo face in every bad way stop
Tryin' yo plots since the CD dropped
I went nuts cause I'm like that with Too $heezy
Got no time for you triflin' ass broke breezies
Jon ? doin' thangs, now that's so true
And you bad news bitch I ain't fuckin' with you

Punk bitch think she real smart, runnin' that G
But talk is cheap hoe, spend some cash money with me
Look up when I pull up and come...(more)

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