Queen Pen - Man Behind The Music (Censored)

Chorus: Teddy Riley

This is how it should be done
Cause this style is identical to none
How can I make you dance some more
(T.R.) That's what I came here for

Repeat Chorus

And no... here's the magnificent...
funkyyyyyy momma!

Verse One: Queen Pen

Lyrical flows like WHAT
The man behind the music'll make you JUMP
New Jack your Swing and make you SHAKE YOUR RUMP
No Diggi-ty tellin me this is WHAT YOU WANT, bass lines and snares
that'll make you hump, WHY
Intimated by his fourteen year run, WELL
In ninety-seven he's a different kind of funk, FUNK FUNK FUNK
We pulls together like a perfect hand to tongue, HAH
You pressed your luck and now you faster shit be sunk, ZOOM
Be combin through the future with your face punked, AND YOU
forgot about the past, now what you want, platinum tracks
to put you on the map, NAH
Cause we gotta keep it in fam', YEAH
You had your chance to be down wit da man, UH-HUH
So busy playa-hatin perpetratin, frauds
Articulatin, on his downfall, TRUE, you can't take it

What the deal Ma?
Funky Momma blaze the track so you can feel her
I'm Miggidy I'm all about the dollar bills y'all, rock the...(more)

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