Otis - Every Day Is Tha Weekend

[Celly Cel]
What's up for today, I'm tryin' to kick it, know the homie wit it
Soup up my dog, we hittin' corners, gettin' seven digits
Cuz they come out when the sun out, it's on again
I make 'em grin when they see the chrome rim spin
Twenty inch, don't know I'm stingy like the Grinch
I penny-pinch, let them play once and sit the bench
It's a cinch, to pull 'em out of the season
If she choose me, don't let that broad be the reason
Smash off and leave a cloud, music bump loud
Ride through the park and let them fifteens move the crowd
Pop out and bail through somebody barbeque
Make a play, drink a brew, see what I can run through
And half naked in the summer, I'm collecting numbers
I tell 'em keep it on the under, waiting for the sun up
Go down so I can clown, late-night creeping
That's how we kick it, every day is tha weekend

[Otis & Shug] (Celly Cel)
We came to smoke (Yeah)
Light one bitch or foe (Uh huh)
Sippin' on some Henn (Uh)
Cuz it's on again (It's on again)
We came to choke (That's right)
Light one bitch or foe (Uh huh)
Sippin' on some Gin
Cuz every day is tha weekend

[Celly Cel]
Slide by the store, pull out them big faces
We livin' today, we gettin' drank by the case
Leavin' traces of burnt rubber on the floor
Everywhere we go, we light it up like the side show
I'm sittin' on the door hangin' out the vehicle
It's Breezy in the store, yellin' "Celly, where you feel to go?"
Straight-lacin', pervin' until I'm on my face and
No destination, follow me, I got the population
To get yo'...(more)

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