O.C. & DJ JS1 - Beyond

[Intro: O.C.]
Yo Jay...
Let's take 'em back on some real deep underground shit, black...

[JS1 scratches]
"I'm O.C. baby, what the fuck y'all thought?" -> O.C.

[Verse One: O.C.]
Post-dramatic, thoughts automatic
Breath control is intact even though I'm astmatic
This a brand new era, now I see things clearer
I keen, sin in my life, ignorin so called killers
Mastered the art of war without involvin the broads
Much wiser than your average rhyme sayers (uhh)
I forgot to introduce myself, as if y'all didn't know
O.C. be the name, same shit, different toilet
Last line was like a chorus, I spit thoughts in orbit
Circlin planets, come back and see the man in office
I'm precise like surgeants, when they cuttin through anatomy
Description when I'm spittin be intelligent insanity
[???] material, correct
Ever since I came in the door, O.C. was well respected
I'll make a beat of elements formin this from the periodical...(more)

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