Noreaga - Banned From T.V.

F/ Big Punisher, Cam'Ron, The Lox, Nature

banned from TV
shut the fuck up

Ay Yo, Ay yo, Regardless of rain or snow, sleet or hail
I kick street tales, choking niggas like i'm sprewell
golden state, holding your fate in the palm of my hand
blow you away like its part of the plan
i gotta call it like i see it, talk it like i be it
walkin my walk, thugged out orthopedic
cause i'm soon to be up, give me room watch me heat up
niggas try to stick me like abdul lerima, follow the leader
make me go extra hard, yo nore should i hold back or show the repirtore
quit at 16 or throw in extra bars just for the non-believers
i show them why its so hard to reach us
i get pussy with my fathers features
puff heavenly, see me at 6'1" weigh a buck 70
catch me in spots yall niggas never be
packed in like green bay
harlem week to queens day
performing acapella, no dj
98 live, no replays
make it seem easy, so tell a friend to tell a friend
that its them again, nature noreaga, wild gremlins

[Big Pun]
Yo, yo, champagne on the rocks
pour on the fort knox lazura
shark salad with cabbage
pork chops and applesauce
twin connection, disrepect watch your body cave in
pump the shotty guagin, hit the shorty while he potty training
i ain't playing, i'm truly the worst
simply the first to get his whole body fully reversed
uzi it hurts, leave you double-dead
i'ma a bubble-head, i never listen to nothing my mother said
ay yo i hold niggas ransom for money
like johhny handsome
been sonning niggas for so long
i think i got a grandson
my passion is money, a stash and a honey
that won't ask questions but will blast anybody
thats my kind of girl, kinda of world i want to live in
not a cell or a prison or in hell's armageddon
just a little ghetto
where my niggas control the middle
we know the riddles of life where others know only a little

yo, yo...(more)

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