Non Phixion - Refuse to Lose

[scratching of the words "Refuse to lose"]

[Verse 1]
Here's ya ticket, ain't nothing more sick than terror dome
I walk the path of righteous even when foul like joe peppitone
The clock awoke me, it was like a quarter past six
Got out of bed depressed home wid the kids talkin' bout real shit
Non-Phixion, if you ain't down wid us then you a victim
We stay tight like killers up north a new religion
The ghetto's hell filled wid bad luck and born thieves
Impossible greed throughout the projects mothers that blow weed
Dance like Sam Jackson for rocks, aim at the cops
Camouflage able to sensitise devils wid red dots
I take Ashem's orders keep my team closer to Mexican borders
With no pausin' full outstanders ghetto supporters

I got so much trouble on my mind, "refuse to lose"
I got so much trouble on my mind, "refuse to lose"

[Verse 2]
My baretta will serenade displays the worldly terror devils made
They spread the plague of AIDS through medicaid
And then they pray to idols made of gold
Drapes ya blood and mark the scroll cold
Broken skulls ontop of frozen totem poles
Although the world's deviled and redded I stay level headed
While these other cats are way too stupid so I doubt they'll ever get it
You can't change somebody ignorant that want to be like that
It's like detoxin' someone hooked on coke who won't stop...(more)

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