Nitty - Nasty Girl


Nasty Girl

Do it.
Whoo, Little nasty girl
(Yo man, see that??)

Yo Yo Yo Yo
Hey girl I like your flava
Wish I could be your neighba
Must be coffee by the way you shakin your perk-u-later
I'm the smooth operator
Hot mommy motivator
What I really wanna do
Put that thing on you
Butter up yo hot potato
Gettin more dough then bakers
Rim's spinnin like I knew your break is
You got it all give me a call
I'm ballin like the Lakers
Hey ma now I won't chase ya
Sweetheart ignore them haters
Let's have some fun
Bittys' got me on the run
Come on girl get this paper

Well honey (Whatcha got Mr. Mans)
I got a lot of money (I don't see no keys in my hands)
Could you be my nasty girl
And let me do that dirty dance witchu (If you want just give me money)
Mommy (Ooo Whee Poppi)
Shake that sexy body (Do you like what you see?)
I just wanna nasty girl
Now tell me is that nasty girl you? (I can love you long time)

I'm in the Escalade, you in the Navigator
You talkin dirty wanna serve me in the elevator
Wanna give it to me now not later
Mommy's body was a dime, can't hate her
What a brother gonna do when the bitty rolls through
Who's lookin just like Jada
We hit the elevator
Of course there's always haters
But it didn't...(more)

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