Nefertiti - Family Tree

We just addin-lib? Soon to, uhh, yeah, HUH

Back on the family tree.. (*repeat 3X*)

So won't you brainstorm, and bring a friend along
And then climb my rhymes and compare 'em with the times but
Keep it stagnant, the fragment of what I'm sayin
All in rewind in your mind and see what you find
Cause I get loose sticks and stones, I'm breakin bones my fruits
are comin at ya, verbally attack ya
I ricocheted on stage like a twelve gauge
And yet a shame, you only came
to see what you could find, my piece of mind, before my time
I wrote this rhyme reminiscin on a friend of mine
Boo, now what you gonna do?
In ninety-two, or ninety-three, or ninety-four
I got a LITTLE more than Clinton or Gore could bring
to the table cause I'ma able when it comes to speakin about my
black folks, and maybe it'll provoke the
devil to drop a note, on all the things he done now
won't you brainstorm with me?
Huh, yeah, back on the family tree

{*repeat 8X: "My family tree, my family.." - Arrested Development*}

[Nefertiti - over sample]
Back on the family tree
Uhh, back on the family...(more)

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