Natural Elements - 2 Tons

[Mr. Voodo]
Natural Elements, the name of this topic
You should pay close attention how we rock it
When we drop the album and single, you should cop it

[A Butta]
Yo Voo, stash that, L hit em wit 2 Tons

Yo, first and foremost
Natural Elements serve a raw dose
You ain't hear the first time, so I return wit more dope
And I just burned some raw smoke, Voo else wit a ?a-sand?
Like a life-size statue of Elvis in Graceland
The fucker of jakes, they rush the gates
But all they find in my pocket was two dutchies, a razor blade, and some
So if you're lookin for a cut face and broken jaw
Make you feel like you was locked upstate, and close the door

[Mr. Voodo]
Pope John Paul, I bless ill figures (reputedly)
Dons fall when I caress steel triggers (rufusly)
Anonymously, toss shots wit an ominous force night
Not know two MC's, draw guns wit two's a piece
Your whore's is chossin me, rap wars is losin me, a true MC
My influence be showing and fluently

[A Butta]
True indeed, I flows by properly hop
Go-go's coppin your spot
Yo whatever we drop, you know it's gotta be hot
Blazin, Raisin Hell like Run-DMC
Sprayin shells till my gun be empty
I heard you want it kid, don't wait to tell, come and get me
Save your hit for A&R men
On drums and SP's, and ACE R-10's
Former friend, you can choose one of the two
But think quick before I bruise you in front of your crew
Oh that's your man? Well I'm sunnin him too
Nuttin to lose, Thelma and who?
Kick in your grill, blood on my shoes
Lyrics is ill, my click chill, while we guzzlin brew
Flip it Swift (fuck you want me to do?) it's on you

Police is huntin for Voo
Respond too, yo it's a Elements world
Elegant words make my legend unfurl

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