Aretha Franklin - Doctor's Orders

Hoppin', hoppin' till I'm energized (Oh yeah)
'Cause I got something on my mind (What is it, baby)
So I-I said to my baby, leave the job early (Mmm, hmm)
'Cause I got a thing for you that's killin' me (I like this stuff)

You really know just how to thrill me {Uh-huh}
You lay those pretty little words on me (Uh-huh)
So I'll be the doctor, let me work on you {I'm ready}
And then I'll prescribe the things we gonna do {Hmm, okay}, uh-huh

The doctor's order said “Get some love" (Oh, yeah)
Said you've been goin' without it long enough, long enough
So here I am, boy, to hook you up
And that's exactly what I'm dreamin' of (Ooh, boy, my boy)

I love it when you get sentimental (Oh, baby)
You can't be a no way but sweet and gentle
You know what to do when the world falls in
You give me the sweetest kind of medicine, I'm wit' you, wit' you, baby

One kiss {Hmm} from you would be (Be)
The world sweetest kind of surgery (Uh-huh)
So you'll be the doctor, boy, won't you be (Be)
And write up a love prescription just for me
{I'm hangin' wit' you, baby} Hang with me, baby

I spoke to the main man at that love pharmacy {Yeah}
So let me just tell you, uh-huh, exactly what you need
I'll show you the directions (Ooh)...(more)

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